Bowenwork Health

Please feel free to browse through these pages via the links at the top of this page and make yourself at home. You will find out about Bowenwork and what to expect from a session.

Your body heals itself!

For a demonstration of this fabulous bodyrest technique click here: demo. The awesome advantages of getting a session with Andrea Jones are:

  • The home office clinic is easy to find.

  • Your body relaxes into balance as Bowenwork does the work. The moves are so gentle, your body recognizes them as helpful guidance into deeper relaxation. There are important wait times for your body to incorporate each move for its fullest effect on the entire system.

  • Your body continues to respond to the session for up to a week; sometimes longer if there are no re-injuries or chronically bad postural habits.

Clinical studies show effective muscle relaxing responses to this modality in regards to hamstrings, frozen shoulders,and a variety of other conditions. Furthermore, client testimonials are impressively documenting improvement in a wide range of health challenges.